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We live in the future and it’s a dystopia.

My grandmother called last night to wish me a happy Valentine’s Day.  She asked what was new with me and I told her that I was so angry about the fascist actions of the new president, that I’m gonna going to take more direct action in government, by running for a delegate position in my town. That’s when the conversation took a turn. Listening to my grandmother defend Donald Trump and the immigrant ban makes my soul hurt. Her mother was an immigrant. Her father’s parents were immigrants.
My chest literally aches when she says shit like, “Well, you’re not open to the whole story of why the ban instituted.”
Oh, really, Grandma? Really? It could have nothing to do with the regime being so prejudice against an entire religion they’re willing to bar the people running like hell from the extremists? Or that they were deporting green card holders with no criminal history? Or they were preventing visitors who went through the vetting process in order to get a visa so they could come to this country so their daughter could get the surgery she so desperately needed? No, it has nothing to do with bigotry and everything to do with national security. If it were a national security issue, they would’ve banned people from the places the terrorists are from, like Saudi Arabia.  But no, the POTUS is so fucking greedy, he wouldn’t dare try to ruin his business contracts 
I know she’s, like, 80 and afraid of change, but come on! How can she ignore her own roots in order to support a racist orange dickhole? And then I remembered that oh, yeah. It’s cause her immigrant roots were all white and European. So they’re entirely different than the not-white people running from war and oppression. How dare not-white folks come to America for peace and prosperity! How dare they feel like they should be accepted!  How dare one of them marry her son! Oh! Oh shit, Grandma! Does that distrust of non-whites extend to your daughter-in-law, grandchildren, and great-grandchild?  
This phone call happened more than 12 hours ago and I’m still pissed the fuck off.  Fuck this. I want to break something.

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