The Problem with “Eternity”

My problem with the willy nilly use of “eternity” by religious folks is this, do you fuckers even know how long eternity is?  It’s for all intents & purposes, endless.  At least until the end of the universe, and that’s billions a years from now. Possibly even a couple dozen billion years from now (nobody knows for sure).

DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW LONG THAT EVEN IS?!  No, you don’t, because if you did, you wouldn’t be so keen on the idea of wishing folks to an eternity of torment for not believing in the same invisible sky god as you or for breaking whatever arbitrary rules your sky god passed down from on high. And if you do grasp how long a billion years is, and you still go around cursing non-believers and sinners to an eternity in Hell, then you’re a terrible person.

And another thing, your invisible sky god is also a vengeful piece of shit. What deity sentences billions of lifeforms, with microscopic life times to billions of years of torment for bullshit they did in the insignificant amount of time they spent on the speck of stardust we call Earth? I’ll tell you what kind of deity, an asshole.  Your god is an asshole.

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