Pray for Las Vegas IS A LIE.

The people telling everyone to #prayforLasVegas really need to stop and think.

1. Pray does nothing to help the victims. LITERALLY NOTHING.  If you want to help the victims, you should donate money, or blood, or call your elected officials and demand sensible gun control legislation.  Those are all way more meaningful than prayers.

2. As good monotheists, you should already know that Las Vegas is essentially a modern Sodom & Gomorrah. You remember what God did to them, right?  Y’all bitches should’ve been praying for Las Vegas long before last night.  The city actually calls itself Sin City, for fuck’s sake.

I understand feeling helpless and hopeless.  I feel it, too. But there are things you can do.  Things that are positive, beneficial, and a whole hell of a lot more “Christian” or whatever than just praying.

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